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31 Dec 2017

This week we have been making Christmas decorations, using BBC Micro:bits to add some much needed sparkle! 

Materials needed

  1. BBC micro:bit and computer or mobile device to write a small amount of code on

  2. Small canvas (We got ours in a pound shop - 4 for £1....

10 Nov 2017

What is it?

An online game to teach touch-typing skills to children.

Why do we like it?

Touch typing is an essential skill for most people. Importantly, it reduces repetitive strain injuries through better neck and back posture and sharing the typing load across both hand...

4 Nov 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have booked 4 more coding classes in Baldock for January 2018. We ran our first ever independent course in Summer

11 Oct 2017

When coding with a block language you get a lot of hints about where things could go wrong. Once you start dealing with kids and text editors you never know what they are going to create.

Don't lose confidence there are a few simple ways to help debug.

Turn it off and tu...

4 Oct 2017

So, your kid has decided to have a go at coding. They're doing well, having fun, making good stuff happen. Then the dreaded question is uttered. "Why doesn't it work?"

Adults who have never coded can still help in these situations. Remember; Computer programs are just a...

27 Sep 2017

Computer code, it is everywhere. There was a big hubbub in the British media a few years ago about how all children should learn to program computers from a young age.

This came about due to changes in the national curriculum that means Computing has become an essential...

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