Making with BBC micro:bit

In our code it make it sessions, we introduce children to hardware and making with BBC micro:bits. We find that children can get up and running very quickly, with just a few instructions, and the micro:bit has many features that keep the children enthusiastic as they learn.

What is a micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a small handheld computer with a surprising number of features:


  • 25 LED's,

  • 2 buttons

  • many pins (more about pins below!)

  • Accelerometer

  • Light sensor

  • temperature sensor

  • Compass

  • Bluetooth LE

  • Radio

How do you write code for a micro:bit?

To get started you just need to visit their website with online coding tools. You can use block programming, JavaScript or microPython.

 We find that a lot of people prefer to start with block and move on to typed languages once they have found their feet. 

You need to plug your micro:bit in to your computer with a USB cable and download your code on to it.

Tips for getting started

how tolookup infofor modules etc

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